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Many learning options available

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Vectorworks Spotlight Course Agenda

For Lighting Designers — 1 Day

This one day course has been created for Vectorworks Spotlight customers using the software for lighting design.

Learn how to:

  • Import the venue from either AutoCAD or PDF format and scale it correctly
  • Organise your model for easy presentation
  • Create a simple 3D model of the venue with the Event Planning Suite
  • Set out truss and lighting positions
  • Add lighting, focus points and gobos
  • Visualise your light plot as a simply rendered view.
  • Create paperwork from the light plot.

This course is suitable for anyone who has a basic understanding of Vectorworks, such as that gained on our Foundation course.

Follow on training might include 3D Modelling for creating unique elements and Rendering with Renderworks.

The course includes tea, coffee, snacks and a course manual. Special rates for students are available.