Vectorworks Training Tasters

Free Tutorials from Design Software Solutions

These short training tutorials and accompanying example files and resources have been created to give you the opportunity to try out some different techniques within Vectorworks. We've put these together based on frequently asked questions to our Vectorworks support service. We do hope you enjoy them!

Tutorial: Creating a Snowy Landscape Site Model

In this twelfth in our series of training tasters, we take our Christmas tree model and create a snowy landscape for it to sit on. We add lighting to the scene and alter the render settings to make it look cool. Again, although we're getting a little festive here, you will touch on skills here that are useful for landscape design, architectural design and even outdoor event planning, where you need to create a model of the land. Our one day site modelling course takes you through this process in detail and can even be taken online!

Tutorial: Creating our Vectorworks Christmas Tree

In this movie, we get festive! We'll show you how to create a groovy Christmas Tree model that we used in our Christmas emails. You'll learn how to add the decorations and make them glow! If you don't need to design Christmas Trees, don't despair... The skills you'll learn can be applied to all sorts of other things too. We just thought it would be good to get into the Christmas mood. You can explore further 3D Modelling techniques on our 3D Modelling Training course.

Tutorial: Troubleshooting Importing DWG files into Vectorworks

This tutorial tackles the most frequent question that comes into our support question. Vectorworks can import and export DWG (native AutoCAD) files, but we find that many of our customers struggle with getting the imported information at the correct size and scale. The video deals with several common issues encountered with importing. We cover importing DWG files on any of our Vectorworks Industry courses, including Vectorworks Architect, Vectorworks Landmark and Vectorworks Spotlight.

Tutorial: Creating a Plant Worksheet by Plant Category

We return to the worksheet capability within Vectorworks, specifically the ability for Vectorworks to count plants and list them however you want. Earlier in this series, we looked at separating the planting list by planting bed (scroll down the page to find that movie). Today, we look at how to create a worksheet that lists the plants by plant category, so that it's easier to send off to the nursery for a quote. As with our other tutorials, even if you don't use plants, do watch the movie. The principles covered can be employed elsewhere within Vectorworks to organise any information that is attached to objects. Worksheets are covered in our Vectorworks Design Series courses.

Tutorial: Creating Renderworks Textures for Glass

This movie follows on from our modelling 3D bottles tutorial. You'll learn how to create two glass textures from scratch to apply to the bottles that you already modelled. Of course, Renderworks comes with many glass textures for use in your model, but the purpose of this tutorial is to show you how to use the options within the texture editor to create something more detailed. Why not join us on our regular Renderworks course to learn more about iighting and textures?

Tutorial: Modelling 3D Bottles with Vectorworks

This tutorial is the first of two parts. You'll learn how to use the Sweep command to create some models of bottles. We've chosen bottles as our example as any Vectorworks user could need something like this to add detail to a visual regardless of design discipline. These bottles then form the starting point for the next video, when you'll see how you can use Renderworks to create textures for glass that can help you avoid more complex modelling. Join us on our 3D Modelling course to learn more about these techniques.

Tutorial: Creating an Image Prop with Vectorworks and Renderworks

This movie teaches you how to use a flat image to represent a 3D element within a 3D model. Image props can be used to represent people, cars, trees, sculpture... the limit is your imagination. But instead of having to model the object, use an image to save yourself hours of modelling time. Image props can cast shadows within the scene so that they appear to be part of the model. In this tutorial, Kate will show you how to prepare an image and use Renderworks to turn it into an image prop. She uses people in her example, but you could create planting or use any other image in the same way. Learn more on our Renderworks course.

Tutorial:Creating a Solar Animation with Vectorworks

This tutorial is appropriate for users of Vectorworks Landmark, Vectorworks Architect or Vectorworks Spotlight. It covers the use of the Heliodon tool for creating a Quicktime movie of a solar animation. A solar animation is an ideal tool for demonstrating the effects of the sun and shade across a site or building. Note that the Heliodon tool is only available in 2012. However, users of earlier versions of Vectorworks can create a solar animation using a directional light and the Model > Create Solar Animation command. We hope you enjoy the tutorial. You can learn more about lighting and rendering on our Renderworks course.

Tutorial: Create a Plant Schedule for Individual Planting Beds

Vectorworks Landmark includes many standard plant schedules for counting and listing the plants in a design. By default, these schedules look at the planting scheme as a whole. However, we're often asked by landscape designers how they can create a report that looks only at specific planting beds. There are many ways to approach this, and this movie shows you one option. Even if you're not a Landmark user, I urge you to watch the movie as the concepts introduces can be applied to anything you want to count in a plan. We hope you enjoy the movie!

Tutorial: Using Custom Furniture for Seating Layouts in Vectorworks Spotlight

Vectorworks Spotlight, used for Event Planning, Set Design and Lighting Design. We're often asked by clients how they can use their own furniture symbols with the Create Event Seating command and still retain the powerful capabilities of the worksheets for counting tables and seats. We hope you enjoy the movie.

Tutorial: Adding our Lighting Plan Symbols to the Resource Browser

Day two brings you a file containing some standard UK lighting and electrical plan symbols, together with a movie to remind you how you can add these to your Vectorworks Resource Browser. These symbols are ideal for Interior Designers and Architects to use with Vectorworks. Enjoy!

Tutorial: Creating a Decal Texture with Vectorworks and Renderworks

This first in a series of short training tasters shows you how to create a texture that maps on top of another texture using Vectorworks and Renderworks. We hope you enjoy it!

We do hope you've found this series fun and useful. Remember, we do offer many of our training courses as an online, self study option. You can find out more on our Online Training page.