Vectorworks CAD Clinic/CAD Management

Need someone to champion CAD standards in your team?

Many of our clients find themselves in a position where they lack resource to monitor day to day use of Vectorworks. Without care, compliance to practice-wide standards can decrease and individual and/or departmental standards can start to emerge. Whilst your organisation may not be able to justify a full-time CAD manager, we can provide a part-time resource to assist. Sound CAD management and the implementation of standards across the practice can result in increased productivity and significant annual savings. For example, a saving of 20 minutes per day for 20 Vectorworks users would equate to the ouput of an additional Vectorworks user without the need to recruit additional staff.

On-site Vectorworks CAD Clinics and CAD management can provide a number of benefits in terms of providing production Vectorworks support. Vectorworks drawing standards can be developed, implemented and enforced through a combination of consultation, encouragement and mandating the rules!

In addition, we can supply technical support for Vectorworks software with escalation as relevant including documenting and resolving issues that arise. Ongoing training and some customisation of Vectorworks, including title blocks, drawing symbols, wall styles, class standards, layer standards and auto-classing, colour preferences, can also be provided as appropriate.
One further practical benefit is helping to maintain a Vectorworks licence inventory, ensuring licences are allocated and used efficiently.

Cost £500 + VAT and travel expenses per day on-site.