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Vectorworks Spotlight 2015 New Features

For Lighting Designers, Exhibition Designers, Event Planners and Set Designers

Vectorworks Spotlight 2015 includes all the Vectorworks 2015 features for all designers, as well as some fantastic enhancements for those working in the entertainment industry. The fact that Vectorworks 2015 is now 64 bit means it will be able to make the most of the hardware in your computer, to deal with larger models. Remember though, the processor will still only be able to process at the same speed, but the larger models will be able to take up as much memory as your computer can throw at it.

Drawing Venues and Sets

The Wall tool has been enhanced to include a Rectangle mode. With this tool, you'll be able to rapidly create venue models, or models of sets. The Trim tool now works with intersecting walls, and again increases the speed with which you can put building models together.

Sharing Files With Others

STEP files are now supported as well as improved support for importing Sketchup models with textures, giving you access to an even wider selection of models to include with your Vectorworks model. Of course there are improvements to DWG imports and exports, with a greater selection of object types being supported. PDF/A is now also supported, so you can create PDF documents that will stand the test of time.

3D Modelling and Rendering

When you're feeling creative, and need to create something unique, the Deform tool will open up a world of possibilities and builds on last year's Taper Face and Twist tools. Deform will enable you to bulge, bend and taper almost any geometry, so you can create whatever you need! The rendering improvements will mean you can create simple, white concept models complete with transparency, shading and bump, but without colour. You can add artistic edges to a photorealistic render too. You will also be able to display hatches on a Hidden Line render, as hatches can now be embedded in Renderworks textures. So, producing 2D documentation directly from your 3D model gets easier and easier.

Documentation and Graphic Improvements

The Publish command now has the option to batch export sheets as images and will prompt you to save your settings if you haven't done so.