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We do hope you found what you are looking for. If not, please feel free to give us a call on 0845 003 7066. We are the largest reseller of Vectorworks in the UK and offer a wide range of training and consultancy offerings to help you make the most of your investment.

Vectorworks Spotlight and GrandMA Plugin

MA Lighting have announced a new plugin for Vectorworks Spotlight that enables lighting designers to export details of their fixtures to a file that can be loaded directly into the GrandMA lighting desk.
New GrandMA Plugin for Vectorworks Spotlight Find out more at the ABTT Show Today, June 11th 2014, sees the start of the Association of British Theatre Technicians show at the O…

Welcome to 2014

Vectorworks and general business growth in 2014
Welcome to 2014 A year of opportunity and optimism for all Vectorworks users So, the first full working week of 2014 has come and gone and if the level of business through the r…

Vectorworks 2014 on the road

September and October see Vectorworks 2014 on the road taking its improved architect, landscape and spotlight functionality to existing and new users
Vectorworks 2014 on the Road A Tale of BIM, Vectorworks 2014 and Upcoming Webinars Since the release of Vectorworks 2014 on 17th September, the world of Design Software Solution…

3 Tools for Ultimate Workflow in Lighting Design

A description of Kate's trip to the National Theatre of Norway, Olso, where she trained lighting designers in their use of 3 great tools for lighting design.
If you need to see Vectorworks in action, you can meet us at a series of events, all year round. Visit our events page... - vectorworks-events If you're too shy to learn face to f…

Lighting the Way Ahead

Vectorworks Spotlight has been taking much of our focus. Read about Adrian's trip to PLASA Focus and new colleges looking to include Vectorworks in their curriculum.
Lighting the Way Ahead with Vectorworks Spotlight While the sun has at last put in an appearance, it is lighting from a Vectorworks perspective that has been taking centre stage…

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