Residential Garden Design with Vectorworks Landmark 2015

by Tamsin Slatter

Commissioned by Vectorworks, Inc., (the makers of Vectorworks itself), this workbook covered the garden design process including drawing up a site survey, importing site surveys, managing a library of resources, hard landscaping, planting plans, 3D perspective drawings, Renderworks and more. Focusing on the traditional flow of a residential design project, this book takes you through the tools you need to know in order to complete a 2D landscape plan and 3D visualisation simultaneously, together with sections and schedules!

Illustrated in full colour throughout, this book was aimed at garden and landscape designers, and the ideal companion to your initial training (with Tamsin and the team at Design Software Solutions of course!)

In 2015, Tamsin elected not to update this guide anymore, as she wanted to work with her team to on the vast store of manuals they have written in-house. Copies of Residential Garden Design with Vectorworks Landmark are no longer available to purchase outside the US. However, Design Software Solutions' Vectorworks Training team does offer its training course manuals for sale instead. Please contact us if you would like further information. We have over 200 chapters to choose from and can even create bespoke manuals based on your requirements. These are available in hardcopy format only and not as PDF/e-book formats currently.

Example Training Manual Contents

  • Set Up the Drawing Board
  • Add Colour and Pattern to Objects
  • Set Up Your Resource Browser
  • How to Import a Surveyor’s or Architect’s File
  • Draw Up Your Own Site Survey Including Buildings
  • Set Out a Design
  • Use Text and Dimensions to Annotate your Plan
  • Design Walls and Paving—Hard Landscaping
  • Report Quantities of Materials
  • Add Lighting to a Garden Plan with the new Physical Sky and lighting fixtures
  • Model Additional 3D Objects featuring the Push/Pull Tool and Auto Hybrid
  • Create Custom 3D Objects with the Push/Pull Facility for Direct Modelling
  • Planting Plans and Mixed Planting Areas
  • The Vectorworks Plant Database
  • Create Perspective Views of the Garden and Render Outdoor Scenes with Renderworks 2015, featuring the CINEMA 4D rendering engine.
  • Present the project—Viewports, Sheets and Section
  • Publish the project—share files through PDF, Print and DWG format.