Interior and Retail Design with Vectorworks Architect
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Interior and Retail Designers

We’ll help you transform your interior and retail design team with the power of Vectorworks Architect with Renderworks

Vectorworks 2017 is transforming interior design practices through its intelligent 2D/3D space design tools that produce a wealth of information to ensure your designs are stunning as well as within budget. Add Interiorcad for bespoke cabinet design and produce stunning visuals to make sure you win the business.



We are the Vectorworks Architect experts. We offer many levels of training for interior design, from one to one through to group classes

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We can train you to use Vectorworks Architect for Interior Design one to one, as part of a small group or on one of our scheduled classes - at our office in Newbury or at yours. All of our experienced Vectorworks trainers are also trained designers as well, so they can relate the technology to your business needs. The approach is relaxed and Vectorworks training days are always fun.

Latest Vectorworks Architect for Interior Designers courses:

  • Vectorworks Foundation Course

    Before embarking on industry-specific training, we recommend all our customers start with our Foundation course. This course will teach you the basics of drawing with Vectorworks, how files and resources are arranged and how to make your 2D work look great! We also venture into the third dimension with the Push/Pull modelling features of Vectorworks.

  • Vectorworks Architect for Interiors Course

    Learn how to use the specialist modelling and architectural tools within Vectorworks Architect to create interior schemes that win business.

  • 7 Steps to BIM Course

    Learn how to adopt BIM methodologies with the Vectorworks Architect software and get your team ready to exploit the opportunities that Building Information Modelling will bring.

  • Renderworks Course

    Learn to make the most of the lighting and texturing controls within Renderworks to get the best visuals from your designs.


We have selected the most relevant products to suit your needs:

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Feature Article

Vectorworks 2017 Is here!

Vectorworks 2017 has arrived and brought with it a whole series of improvements to make the lives of Interior and Retail Designers easier. Try out the new Subdivision Modelling tool, and take a look at Project Sharing—a very efficient way to work as a team. Find out more about Vectorworks 2017...

BIM Training and Workshops

For architects and landscape designers, BIM is looming, and many projects are already being undertaken using BIM methodologies. However, for associated industries, including interior and retail design, BIM will become a requirement also as these projects move through the design process. Many contractors are insisting on BIM as they see the cost benefits. We offer a range of training options to help you get BIM-ready...


Consulting Packages

How can we help you to move your practice forward? Training is a great starting point, but sometimes, particularly with larger teams, there are other issues that need to be addressed - such as building a best practice model for working together.

  • Custom Title Block Price on application

    We see many users creating a title block from a simple symbol or even just adding a pasted graphic onto their drawing sheets. However, a custom intelligent title block that's tied in with the issue manager can do so much more for you. Give us your design and we'll turn it into a custom title block for you.

Or call us to discuss your needs on 0845 003 7066


Learn Vectorworks Foundation Online

Learn Vectorworks Foundation Online

This course is an ideal companion for those people who have already completed the two days group or 1:1 training. Alternatively, it is also useful for those completely new to Vectorworks, who find that due to distance they are unable to attend our training courses in person.   

Find out more about how you can learn from home or work, at your own pace.

Latest News

What's new in for Interior and Retail Designers...

    Interiorcad 2017 expected release date

    Interiorcad and interiorxs 2016 for Vectorworks 2016 are available now. A version of Interiorcad suitable for use with Vectorworks 2017 will be available later in the autumn.