We're proud to be able to offer LIGHTWRIGHT® to complete the suite of tools to simplify the process of lighting design for our customers. Written by professional lighting designer John McKernon, is a mix between a database and a spreadsheet. It's quintessential tool for tracking all aspects of selecting and arranging, numbering and comparing, assigning and footnoting lighting paperwork. It was created by John because he had a need as a designer. Therefore, the tool is intelligent and understands what the lighting designer needs from his paperwork. It uses data exchange with Vectorworks to keep the light plot and the paperwork in sync. So, if you add a light in your lightwright paperwork, it'll be created on your light plot! It provides a complete history of the light plot and any revisions, so if you need to roll back to an earlier version, you can. New features in Lightwright 5, for Vectorworks Spotlight 2015, include automatic dimmer load balancing, and 18 flexible user definable columns.

Lightwright™ has been used on over 90% of all Broadway shows over the last 10 years!

We're able to offer Lightwright as part of your lighting design software package.

Lightwright is available for Macintosh or Windows.

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Vectorworks Spotlight 2016

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ESP Vision for Previsualisation

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3 Tools for Ultimate Workflow in Lighting Design. Find out how the National Theatre of Norway are using Vectorworks, Vision and Lightwright to speed up their design process.

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  • We are proud to announce that we are now resellers of Lightwright, the paperwork tool for Vectorworks Spotlight, written by John McKernon. Contact us for more details on how this valuable piece of software can improve your workflow.

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