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Vision, a product of Vectorworks, Inc, provides the tools to achieve the highest level of realistic visual presentation by utilizing advanced computer simulation technology complete with lighting, graphics and special effects. Use it to present your ideas to your client so they can see exactly what your project will look like. A picture paints a thousand words!

As more lighting designers are adopting the Mac platform as their environment of choice, Vision is used around the world for PreViz of lighting designs created in Vectorworks Spotlight with Renderworks. Available for both Mac and PC, Vision includes a plugin tool set that installs directly into your Vectorworks Spotlight workspace, enabling you to export your model directly to Vision. Vision also includes a set of lighting symbols which are preconfigured with the appropriate data about lights, which extends the format and data stored within Spotlight.

Once the model is within Vision, visualise your design in real time and set up your lighting desk with a software copy of the desk. Save yourself time and money by setting up long before you arrive at the venue.

Vision forms an integral part of the Vectorworks solution for entertainment design.