Welcome to 2014

A year of opportunity and optimism for all Vectorworks users

So, the first full working week of 2014 has come and gone and if the level of business through the rest of the year continues at the same rate, it will be an incredibly busy one.

January is always one of our busiest months, but in the first week of January this year, we have done almost as much business as we did in the whole of the month last year. Obviously that is good news for us, but more importantly, it’s good news for our clients and the industries we serve. It means that they are equipping themselves with the design tools and focused, relevant training to make 2014 a successful year for their own businesses. 


Towards the end of 2013, clients were telling us that they were becoming increasingly busy and that they were looking forward with optimism to 2014. It seems that this optimism has not been misplaced.

Indeed, on one morning I was at a meeting at the offices of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) where Stephen Hodder, the recently elected President of the RIBA was laying out his vision for the development of the profession and the institute itself. In his talk he echoed the optimism that we had seen, explaining that 2013 had witnessed the first year of growth in architectural business since the crash in 2008. The major areas of expansion were identified as private housing and retrofit, which will become increasingly important when you consider the fact that 80% of the buildings in the UK in 2050 are already in existence now. Stephen also explained that there has been a shift in the way that architectural business develops, with 40% of architectural contracts being awarded through contractor lead procurement. With this shift, collaboration, and hence BIM, are becoming increasingly vital elements in current and future projects. 

Fortunately for us, collaboration has always been an ingredient in the development of the Vectorworks product suite and sharing of information, together with coordinated 2D drawings and 3D models, has been part of Vectorworks client projects for many years. However, the impetus that Stephen Hodder has seen in the world of architecture is one that we see reflected in our own business as clients strive to fit their practices for the world of collaboration and BIM in 2014 and beyond. Vectorworks users themselves are increasingly moving to the latest 2014 version of their chosen software. In addition, businesses who have historically used alternative offerings, spurred on by the need to remain competitive, are reviewing the options for best in class design tools and the recent NBS BIM survey shows Vectorworks as one of the leading choices.

The ability to collaborate and work more efficiently becomes even more important when you consider that staffing levels in architecture are still only at 75% of what they were before the credit crunch. All design businesses, no matter in what industry, are looking to do more with less. That means not only using technology more, but understanding how people and technology can work better and more efficiently, with optimised workflows and work processes  - and that’s exactly where we become involved.

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