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I’ve had a few questions recently about the range of 3D plants available in Vectorworks Landmark. Of course, users of Vectorworks Landmark with Renderworks, have access to the extensive libraries of image props provided with the software, which includes a large range of trees and some shrubs. Flowers and perennials are somewhat thinner on the ground, and so we’re regularly asked by our customers how they can increase the range on offer.

Planting.pngIt’s really very easy to create your own 3D plants, using an image of an elevation view of a plant. If you have image editing software, such as Photoshop®, Pixelmator® or Gimp, you simply need to master the selection tools so that you can isolate the background from the image and make it a solid colour. Then, you need to make an image prop. We made a movie to show you how to do this. Once you’ve told Vectorworks which part of the image should be transparent, your image prop will cast shadows and appear as if it’s a full 3D model in a perspective view. Behind the jargon, image props are simple flat planes, onto which an image texture is projected. You can see the Creating Image Prop movie here. Since the release of Vectorworks 2013, the Heliodon (sun) is linked to a “physical sky” which makes it easy to light an exterior scene without having to be a lighting expert. Just add a Heliodon and render with the built in Renderworks style.

However, while some are happy to leap into Photoshop and start editing, others will glaze over at the thought of this process. Luckily, there are plenty of sources of suitable “image prop-ready” images out there that you can download and then use to create Image Props.

Here are some sources of images to try. These all advertise themselves as free images. Of course, there may be other images available in places such as iStock, but they may attract a charge and of course all copyright on images must be respected.
Plant Texture Blogspot
CG Textures Texture Library
Immediate Entourage

The last in the list also has some fabulous textures for more solid hedges. So, armed with your downloaded image, with a clean background, you need to create the 3D plant (or person, or piece of sculpture) within Vectorworks. The movie will show you how.

Finally, if you really can’t face making them yourself, we have a collection of plants that we are happy to share with you. You can download them from our free downloads page. Many of the images have been provided by the sources listed above, so I must acknowledge their kindness in making the images available for download. Please note that our plant file is only available for the current version of Vectorworks.

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